Chamber Collaborations


Clarinet and Piano

As well as clarinet and piano duo concerts with Daniel King Smith and Christine Zerafa, Matthew is working with Pianists Alexandra Vaduva and Yuko Sano. He has also worked with Simon Lane and William Vann.

He plays in a number of other ensembles as below and has worked with the Delmege, Fitzroy and Marylebone String Quartets in Clarinet Quintet repertoire.


Ensemble Mirage

Trio Mirage has evolved into the flexi-ensemble Ensemble Mirage to enable exploration of larger ensemble works alongside the three core clarinet trios.

Trio Mirage was formed in 2014 at the Royal Academy of Music comprising Matthew on Clarinet, Alexandra Vaduva on Piano and Julia Pusker on Violin. Individually they are all prize winning performers. As Trio Mirage they were First Prize Winners in the 2015 Harold Craxton Chamber Music Competition at RAM followed by the award of a prestigious Chamber Music Fellowship at the Royal Academy of Music for 2015/16.

Europia Trio was formed in 2014 at the Royal Academy of Music and comprises Matthew on clarinet, Alexandra Vaduva on piano and Ugne Tiskute on Viola. Both Ugne and Matthew are 2014-16 Countess of Munster Musical Trust Recital Scheme Award Recipients.

Both Trio Mirage and Europia Trio have collaborated with musicians from the Jorgensen Trio



Matthew was invited to be Khymerikal’s Guest Clarinettist in 2015


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